Contraband items found at prison

City administrators have posted minutes from a Nov. 13, 2017 meeting of the St. Louis Correctional Facility Community Liaison Committee meeting on the city’s web site.

Warden Lori Gidley reported two overdoses that presented as heart attacks. One was a prisoner on his mid-40s. Staff did chest compressions for 10-12 minutes and used an AED. The other prisoner was in his 20s. Both prisoners were given Narcan, and it brought both back fast. “Without the Narcan, we wouldn’t have necessarily have known it was drugs,” Gidley said.

Prison authorities did a “clean sweep” operation that used 120 OJT officers from Lansing and shook down four housing units. They found Suboxone, weapons and a cell phone.

For facility improvements, prison authorities are working on pavement for the parking lot and have installed new cameras. An additional row of razor ribbon will be added.

In recognition of Veterans Appreciation Week, 56 veterans on prison staff were given $10 gas cards and a military excellence coin.

Acting Warden Erick Balcarcel reported that a regional performance audit will occur this month (January 2018). The St. Louis and Alma fire departments practiced getting an officer out of a tower.

During a round table discussion, Detective Sgt. Chris Frayre of Michigan State Police reported that Lansing and Saginaw are hubs for heroin. It is cut with Fentanyl to increase the strength; it is also cut many times with other material to increase the supply, so you never know what strength you are getting.

Frayre continued: Legal marijuana dispensaries have to have their own bank because the FDIC won’t insure losses because marijuana is illegal federally. Alma is getting a marijuana dispensary and is looking for corrections officers and police for security.

The next community liaison meeting begins 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13, at St. Louis Correctional Facility.


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