Police cracking down on inoperable vehicles in St. Louis

Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. has assigned Officer Adam Hoy the duty of updating St. Louis’s inoperable vehicle enforcement. Hoy “has created a tracking system for logging violations and warnings,” wrote Ramereiz in his monthly report for city council. “Each month Ofc. Hoy will be enforcing violations of this ordinance.”

So if you have a car in your driveway or yard that’s not running, Officer Hoy might pay you a visit.

E-Ticket system

Police officers Matt VanHall and Ryan Bahlke have passed a “train the trainer” course at the Gratiot County Courthouse on the E-Ticket system and will in turn train other St. Louis officers on the system. “E-Ticket is a feature that will allow our officers to submit electronic tickets,” wrote Chief Ramereiz in his report. “The electronic version will automatically enter the tickets into our RMS system and electronically send a copy of the ticket to the district court. This feature is currently available to us. I need to research the cost and vendors for the thermal paper that will be required for the printers that are installed in our patrol cars.”

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