Two seats are up for grabs on St. Louis Board of Education

Although elections for governor, state legislators, et. al. will dominate headlines this year, St. Louis voters should remember that their responsibility includes placing two individuals on the seven-member school board as well in November.

Who’s running? That depends on residents of the St. Louis school district, most of whom could easily qualify for the election.

The terms of Board Secretary Don Kelley and Trustee Carrie Beeson expire at the end of this year. Both are undecided about running again.

To see if you live in the St. Louis school district, have a look at this map:


Your property tax forms should also indicate what school district you live in.

If you’d like to run for the St. Louis Board of Education, you should pick up and complete an “affidavit of identity” form from Gratiot County Clerk Angie Thompson at her office in Ithaca.

The clerk’s office can also fix you up with a petition form on which you will need signatures of 40 registered voters who live in the school district. If you’d rather not circulate a petition, you can also pay a $100 fee in lieu of a petition.

The affidavit of identity and your completed petitions must be returned to county clerk’s office by July 24.

The St. Louis Board of Education meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.

For more information, contact Thompson at gratiotcountyclerk@yahoo.com.

FYI: Yes, this story has run once before. I will continue to run it periodically between now and the filing deadline.


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