St. Louis adds optional green energy program for residents

St. Louis City Council voted 4-0 Tuesday to join a mandatory state program that lets homeowners choose to get their electricity from “green” sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric.

Homeowners may choose one of three options, allocating 25, 50 or 100 percent of their electricity usage to green options.


But feeling good about where your electricity comes from will cost you some money, as the city will charge you one cent per kilowatt hour for the portion of your electricity usage you designate to come from green sources.

Currently, St. Louis residents pay slightly less than seven cents per kilowatt hour. The one cent per kilowatt hour surcharge for using green energy will be added to that if you opt in.

To calculate how much more you would pay if you opt in, fetch your latest utility bill. Look at the “ELEC GENERATION” line, then over to the Usage column. That’s how many kilowatt hours you’re being charged for.

Now multiply the kilowatt hours by $0.01 to see how much more you would pay if you choose the 100 percent option. If that’s too much for you, but you still want to participate, you can choose the 25 percent or 50 percent options. To see how much you would pay with those options, first divide your kilowatt hours by four (for the 25 percent option) or two (for the 50 percent option).

If you would like to opt in, the gals at the customer service desk in city hall can take care of you.

FYI, the ELEC GENERATION line on your bill represents only part of what you’re being charged for electricity. For a full explanation of your city utility bill, follow this link:


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