What’s up with the double street signs on M46?

If you travel on M46 east of downtown St. Louis you’ve probably noticed that five intersections have two signs each and wondered why.

In 2014 a new regulation concerning reflective signs took effect. It requires municipalities to replace existing signs with “retroreflective” signs that are more visible at night than the signs they replace.

Dueling SignsCities, townships and counties were required to replace all of their signs, with warning signs like stops being done first. Last on the list are street signs, which must be replaced this year.

New street signs were installed on M46 last fall “but we were unable to remove the old ones before they froze in,” said DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott in an email. “We hope to have them out soon. You may also see some old signs that have not been changed yet. We have most of them in the warehouse now and are working to assemble them and then install them as we have time.

“We also change signs that are hit by cars, like the one at M46 and Pine Street that we did this morning (May 11).”

Abbott is saving St. Louis property owners money by doubling up signs on posts. (Notice in the accompanying pictures how new street signs are mounted on top of stop sign posts.) That represents a savings of $47 per intersection.

“We need to save wherever we can due to having more regulations and less money to comply with them,” Abbott said.


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