St. Louis Schools partially privatizes custodial services

The privatization of custodial services at St. Louis schools has begun.

The school board voted Monday to offer a contract to Caravan Facilities Management of Saginaw for custodial services at the high school, board office and bus garage.

Recent retirement of custodians Ted Doll and Thomas Hamilton created the opportunity to do this without laying anyone off.

“This is an attrition model,” said Superintendent Kristi Teall in an email. “As our employees retire or leave, they will be replaced with Caravan. No one will lose jobs even in the future under this model.”

Privatization should save school district property owners about $72,000 this year, Teall said. New custodians will begin work in mid June. A meeting with Caravan personnel is scheduled next week to work out a transition plan.

The move was made as part of an effort to cut costs, as the district faces an anticipated $300,000 deficit going into the 2018-19 school year.

Additions and subtractions

The board approved the hiring of agriscience teacher Matt Bernia, which was a pleasant surprise to Teall, as “there is a nationwide shortage of agriscience teachers.”

Also hired were Scott Neumeyer as varsity boys basketball coach and Jason Luneack as JV boys basketball coach.

The board accepted the retirement of middle school librarian Lucina Sheri Miller and the resignation of high school special education teacher Lauryn Springsteen. 


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