Highland Festival parade

Here are a few pictures from Saturday’s Highland Festival parade.

2018 Parade-34

This lady did a little dance for me.

2018 Parade-31

More dancing.

2018 Parade-29

Honda Joe Fuentes and friend.

2018 Parade-36

KISS made an appearance.

2018 Parade-16

The redhead was once a billboard star for Alma College and played bagpipes at many home games.

2018 Parade-21

Congressman John Moolenaar greets a supporter.

2018 Parade-27

State Rep. James Lower passed out Jolly Rancher candy.

2018 Parade-14

Gratiot Democrats had a float with a dog.

2018 Parade-10

O-No from the Alma Shriners Club

2018 Parade-9

A flatbed of fiddle players.

2018 Parade-37

Everybody wants to drive one of these cars.

2018 Parade-35

Sign in front of City Cleaners.

2018 Parade-26

Former state Rep. Rick Outman (in green) is running for state senate this year.

2018 Parade-15

These gents were singing.

2018 Parade-12

Nice hat.

2018 Parade-11

Larry Judson of Byron Lodge #80, an officer with the Michigan Masons.

2018 Parade-7

Nice girl.

2018 Parade-5

Where’s the fire?

2018 Parade-6

A fireman uses the force to settle down the kids.

2018 Parade-8

Some dogs can’t be bothered to walk.


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