Voting machine tested in preparation for Aug. 7 primary

St. Louis Clerk Mari Anne Ryder conducted a public test of the city’s vote tabulating machine Tuesday and pronounced it ready for the Aug. 7 primary election.

Ballot Test-6

Chief Ramereiz runs a sample ballot through the machine as Mayor Kelly watches.

Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. and Mayor Jim Kelly assisted Ryder in running 41 sample ballots through the machine to make sure it recognized everything it’s supposed to recognized, including spoiled ballots as well as properly cast votes.

Ramereiz and Kelly then sat at a table and verified that the data tape from the voting machine jibed with a paper from the state designed to test voting machines.

The machine passed the test and is now officially ready to count votes on Aug. 7.

Ryder said she expects about 10 percent of St. Louis’ 2,534 registered voters to cast ballots on election day. Two years ago 272 voters cast ballots in St. Louis.

If you would like to see a sample ballot, send an email to this reporter at hoopmatch@gmail.com, and I will send you a pdf file.

Ballot Test-7

Kelly and Ramereiz compare the voting machine data tape to the key.

Ballot Test-8

Everyone signs the tape, and now it’s official!



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    • I thought so, too, Dick. Mari Anne tells me that in all her years of clerking no one has ever showed up to watch the public test of voting equipment. I’ll do a preview story next time this happens and maybe you can see it yourself.


    • Thank you, Ralph. I somehow missed the notice about the testing of the equipment. Good to know all went well!
      We are fortunate to have a dedicated county clerk providing education and support to an impressive team of city, villiage and township clerks. I had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Canvassers and gained insight to the voting process.


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