Student handbooks available

St. Louis Schools personnel have modified student handbooks for the new school year.

These handbooks contain useful information for students and parents alike.

Such as:

What if my child needs medication at school?

No school employee may give medications of any kind, including over-the-counter medications, to a student except upon a doctor’s order.

If my child is hurt at school what will happen?

School first aid is limited, so parents should be aware of this. Ice and band-aids are dispensed and discretion is used as to what further steps are taken.


When a student’s behavior adversely affects the learning process, an out-of-school suspension may be assigned by the principal for 1-10 days.

Bullying and Aggressive Behavior

The section on bullying and aggressive behavior is two and a half pages long and includes many examples of unacceptable behavior.

The rest of the story

The district has one student handbook for its two elementary schools (Carrie Knause and Nikkari) and one each for the middle school and high school.

Click on the links below to see the handbooks in their entirety.

Elementary schools

Middle School

High School

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