City council approves new play structure for Leppien Park

The playscape at Leppien Park will soon be replaced, thanks to a $12,500 grant from the Gratiot Community Foundation.

Leppien Park is located on the south side of M-46 in the Westgate subdivision.

St. Louis City Council voted unanimously Tuesday, Sept. 18, to approve combining the grant money with an equal amount of city funds to buy a Game Time “custom play structure” for $25,000.


This is a drawing of what the new playscape will look like.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Mark Abbott said a 10×4 section of walkway near the structure must be replaced by a 10×5 walkway to accommodate the new play structure.

“That will make that playground as good as we can make it within our ability,” he said.

The current Leppien Park play structure was installed more than 20 years ago, Abbott said. Asked what will become of it, he added, “We’re going to destroy it.” Selling the structure, he said, could potentially result in a lawsuit if anyone gets hurt playing on it at a new location.

Trees removed

Abbott also reported briefly on the recent removal of three trees in Leppien Park that were in poor health. “Most of those trees were damaged in the winds of 1998,” he said, referring to a wind storm that damaged many trees around Gratiot County and had streets blocked all over St. Louis with fallen trees and limbs.

But Abbott still gets complaints from tree lovers. “I’ve heard rumors they want to hang me on Arbor Day,” he quipped.

Building permits

The following building permits were issued in August.

Wheelchair ramp at 217 S. Lincoln St. (Completed Sept. 10.)

Wheelchair ramp at 521 W. Washington. (Completed Aug. 13.)

Porch at 407 N. Union St. (Completed Aug. 13.)

Roof at 410 S. Franklin. (Completed Aug. 13.)

Roof at 211 N. Mill St.

Driveway at 418 Tyrell St. (Completed Sept. 10.)

Deck at 311 S. Euclid St.

Roof at 422 S. Maple St. (Completed Sept. 10.)

Roof at 418 S. Mill St. (Completed Sept. 10.)

Code Enforcement

Ordinance Enforcement Officer Dori Foster cited seven property owners for “noxious weeds” in August (on Teman, Michigan Avenue, N. Delaware, S. East, S. Maple and N. Mill) one for blight on N. Mill and condemned a house on S. Bankston.



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