St. Louis voting results

Some 51 percent of St. Louis’ 2,555 registered voters turned out in the Nov. 6 election that saw the offices of governor, secretary of state and attorney general change from Republican to Democrat hands.

Here’s how St. Louis voters voted. The winning candidates are in italic type.


Bill Schuette, R: 609

Gretchen Whitmer, D: 606

Other candidates: 54

Secretary of State:

Mary Treder Lang, R: 624

Jocelyn Benson, D: 572

Other candidates: 57

Attorney General:

Tom Leonard, R: 654

Dana Nessel, D: 529

Other candidates: 72

US Senator:

John James, R: 657

Debbie Stabenow, D: 566

Other candidates: 44

US Congress, 4th District

John Moolenaar, R: 702

Jerry Hilliard, D: 548

Other candidates: 6

State Senate:

Rick Outman, R: 666

Mark Bignell, D: 529

Other candidates: 61

State Representative:

James Lower, R: 666

Kresta Train, D: 564

Other candidates: 4

Proposal 1 (recreational marijuana):

Yes: 725

No. 548

Proposal 2 (redistricting commission):

Yes: 789

No. 459

Proposal 3 (election day registration, no-reason absentee voting, straight ticket voting)

Yes: 839

No: 416

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