Cop Calls

Here are the highlights from the St. Louis Police Department’s complaint log from Tuesday, Dec. 11, through Tuesday, Dec. 18. Thanks to Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. for the following information.

Suspended license

A 35-year-old St. Louis man was issued an appearance citation for driving with a suspended license on M-46 at 1 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run accident was reported at 3:12 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11, at Carrie Knause school. The incident occurred in the school parking lot. The driver of the suspect vehicle was identified and the incident turned over to the Gratiot County prosecutor’s office to review for criminal charges.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Responding to a call at a North Street apartment on Wednesday, Dec. 12, police recorded a CSC complaint where an adult is alleged to have “solicited a minor for immoral purposes,” said Chief Ramereiz. The investigation has been completed and turned over to the Gratiot County Prosecutor to review for criminal charges.

Credit card fraud

A 54-year-old St. Louis woman reported fraudulent activity on her credit card on Thursday, Dec. 13. She had already notified her bank and disputed the activity but needed documentation with local law enforcement to satisfy the bank.

Fugitive arrest

A 34-year-old Howard City man was arrested on an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, at M-46 and Delaware.

Injury accident

St. Louis police investigated an accident that occurred in the parking lot of the Central Michigan Correctional Facility on Monday, Dec. 17. An 82-year-old Barryton man struck a Wayne County Sheriff’s Department vehicle while backing out of a parking space, Chief Ramereiz said. A deputy who was a passenger in the vehicle received minor injuries. The Barryton man was cited for careless driving.

Dead On Arrival

Police responded to a complaint of an 87-year-old female experiencing cardiac arrest on York Street Monday, Dec. 17. An ambulance was called, and the woman was pronounced dead.

Missing Adult

Police responded to a report of a shoeless, coatless elderly man standing outside a residence on South Main Street at 6:20 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18. The officer found an 82-year-old St. Louis man who suffers from Alzheimer’s, said Chief Ramereiz.  The man was on a cell phone at the time talking to his adult son. The man had walked out of his home through an unlocked door and was lost. The son was in the process of installing alarms on the doors at the time to prevent this very thing from happening when the elderly man walked out unbeknownst to the son. 

Found bike

A Huffy mountain bike was found abandoned at the end of the driveway on Hazel Street near the St. Louis Library on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The bicycle seat was covered with electrical tape. If you believe this may be your bicycle, please call the St. Louis Police Department at 989-681-5285 or stop in to describe the bike and claim it.

Illegal dumping

A St. Louis resident illegally placed trash in a dumpster at the Shepley Apartments on the north side of St. Louis.  The suspect did not live at the Shepley Apartments and therefore did not have permission to use the dumpster there. This is a crime and can cost you up to $800. “The complainant requested the incident was documented and the suspect was warned,” Chief Ramereiz said. “If this should happen again, the complainant will pursue criminal charges.”

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