Boarded-up gas station to get environmental assessment

The shuttered and fire-damaged Clark gas station on M-46 at Pine took a step closer to being sold Wednesday, as city council voted to hire AKT Peerless for $26,000 to conduct an environmental assessment.

This type of study is needed so potential buyers will know how much, if any, gas leaked from underground tanks and contaminated soil that would have to be removed.

clark stationThe city will be reimbursed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Refined Petroleum Grant Fund for the study’s cost. But it is unknown if the state agency will pay for whatever additional work AKT Peerless recommends.

“The grant and Peerless’ scope are all that are approved at this time,” said City Manager Kurt Giles via email. “If needed, any subsequent activities recommended would need to be addressed later by amendment.”

The study includes a “sampling and analysis plan” that won’t necessarily perform any actual sampling, Giles said. “Between tasks 3 and 4 there is reference to ‘subsurface investigation by MDEQ’ which implies it is part of this sequence but performed by others. We may need to get some clarification and follow up with you on this.”

Gratiot County’s Geographic Information System web page lists the 0.62-acre property as being owned by Golden Boys LLC of Chicago. The assessed valuation is $125,000.

The property was sold by Scotland Leasing Corp. to Shreel Nijanand on a land contract in 2003. Nijanand lost it to foreclosure in 2010, and the National Republic Bank of Chicago took possession. Golden Boys LLC bought it a week later.

Shed repair

City council approved spending $9,945 to repair the portion of the DPW storage area that was damaged by fire on Oct. 18 last year.

Two bids came in for the job; from Freed Construction and C&D Builders.

The C&D bid ($9,945) was far lower than the Freed bid ($15,635), and council chose the lower figure.

DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott said the work will likely be done soon, as it would have to be put off until spring if a hard freeze sets in.

Giles said the insurance payout for the fire is $14,000 for the structure and $3,000 for the contents that were destroyed, more than covering the cost of reconstruction.


This was taken shortly after the Oct. 18 fire.

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