St. Louis FFA students bound for Regional competition

By Hailey DeRosia

On Monday, Feb. 4, 17 students from St. Louis High School competed in Future Farmers of America district leadership development events at Alma High School.

These events are designed to build student leadership skills and teach them skills they will need to be successful. The Sharks competed in four events; Prepared Public Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, Greenhand Conduct of Meetings and Demonstration.

SL FFA 2019

Front row, from left: Leah Chvojka, Deagon Dosson, Cody Hartman, Andrew Zimmerman, Aynslee Koutz, Olivia Anderson and Taylor Marr. Back row, from left: Brian Conn, Blake Siefka, Lauren Sherwood, Aubrey Sherwood, Kassidy Acker and Dawson Fisher. Not pictured: Kolin Lyon, Blake D. Fisher, Hailey DeRosia and Kacie Allen.

Prepared Public Speaking

Senior Lauren Sherwood gave a speech entitled Agri-Business Ethics. Contestants must deliver an eight-minute speech related to agriculture, food, and natural resources. Students must present their speech from memory as close to their script as possible. Lauren placed fourth and received a District Gold Award for her efforts.

In addition to competing with the FFA, Lauren is also competing at the Business Professionals of America State Competition.

Parliamentary Procedure

The Shark Parliamentary Procedure team took a bite out of the competition and took first place, a District Gold Award, and will represent our school at the Feb. 14 regional contests. Parliamentary Procedure is a contest built around Robert’s Rules of Order. Contestants must learn the proper procedure for handling items of business and conduct a meeting. The team consists of Olivia Anderson, Kacie Allen, Aynslee Koutz, Brian Conn, Blake D. Fisher, and Dawson Fisher.

Greenhand Conduct of Meetings

The Greenhand Conduct of Meetings team took second Place and a District Gold Award. The team next travels to regionals on Feb. 14.

Even in the face of adversity, these students did a spectacular job and had fun doing it. Greenhand Conduct of Meetings is for first-year FFA members. They learn the Official FFA Opening and Closing Ceremonies and take the roles of the officer team. In addition to demonstrating knowledge of FFA ceremonies, they must run a meeting following Robert’s Rules of Order.

The team is composed of Leah Chvoljka, Rafael Orta-Vazquez, Kolin Lyon, Andrew Zimmerman, Cody Hartman, Blake Siefka, and Deagon Dosson.


Demonstration is a contest designed to teach the audience a skill. Our Sharks decided to demonstrate the proper technique for showing a beef steer.

Aubrey Sherwood, Hailey DeRosia, Kassidy Acker, and Taylor Marr are the members of this team. Their demonstration took second place and a District Gold Award. The team now advances to Regionals on Feb. 14.

Regional contests begin at 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14, at Delta College near Bay City. Family, community members, and supporters of FFA are invited to come cheer for our teams as they compete.



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