Volunteers beautify St. Louis instead of going to church

By Ralph Echtinaw

More than 250 people turned out Sunday for “I Love My City Sunday,” an effort by congregations of six St. Louis churches to clean up the city in lieu of church services.

Pastor Jake Gregory of the St. Louis Church of the Nazarene said volunteers spread mulch at the library, painted the interior of the pool house, cleaned the streets and parks and nine yards that were identified by the Gratiot County Commission on Aging.

Two 30-yard rubbish bins donated by His Way for the project were filled.

Participating congregations were from the St. Louis Church of Christ, the Church of God, Resurrection Life, United Methodist, the Church on the Hill and the Church of the Nazarene.


Mulch is loaded into wheel barrows for distribution around the library.


A load of mulch is dumped at the library.


Cindy Lydle of Alma spreads primer on the interior of the pool house.


Glenda Johnson and Cathy Hanley in the pool house.


County Commissioner Jan Bunting (behind the other lady) helped clean a yard on M-46.


Picking up sticks and cutting the grass, a true multi-tasker.


Pulling weeds and leaves out of the flower bed.


The mulch spreading crew at the library.

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