St. Louis loses a police officer to the Gratiot County sheriff

By Ralph Echtinaw

St. Louis is losing police officer Adam Hoy, 28, to the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Department on Sept. 29.

Hoy has been employed part time in St. Louis, and the county sheriff job is full time. So it’s a big step up in his career.

Fortunately for St. Louis, Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. had recently hired part time officer Paxton McCarty, 25. She is currently training with Officer Ryan Bahlke, 30, and should be ready to work alone by end of October, Ramereiz said.

“I tried to get away with just one part-time officer (Hoy) to assist in covering vacancies,” Ramereiz said via email. “We have a number of hours that a part-time officer must stay within each year. If a part-time employee exceeds the set number of hours, then the city must provide limited benefits, or if exceeded extensively on a repeated basis, make the part-time employee a full-time employee.”

“We did exceed the number of hours Officer Hoy was allowed to work in this last budget year, and we did have to provide limited benefits to Officer Hoy.”

“With the increasing amount of work, court, training and other known matters, it was foreseeable that I would incur this same issue again,” Ramereiz continued. “To stay within my budget, a second part-time officer (McCarty) was hired.

“I only have a limited number of full-time positions to stay within my budget. I did not have a full-time position for Officer Hoy, which is why he was a part-time officer.  The goal of every part-time officer is to get a full-time position. Officer Hoy had only recently started looking for full-time employment. I will most likely look to hire an additional part-time officer at a later time in this budget year.”

 The St. Louis Police Department has eight full-time positions: Chief, sergeant, five officers and a clerk. Part time staff includes two part-time patrol officers and one school crossing guard.

The number of hours a part-time officer works each pay period varies. There is no minimum number of hours per pay period.

A part time officer is limited by the total number of hours worked in a budget year, not by the week.

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  1. It sounds like St Louis PD and Alma PD ought to figure out plan to join forces. I would be much better for the communities that they serve.


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