City waives late fees and utility shutoffs during coronavirus lockdown

By Ralph Echtinaw

St. Louis has waived late fees on utility bills and temporarily stopped turning off water and electric service for non-payment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

City hall has been closed to the public since March 16 for the safety of customers and staff, but you can pay your bill there using the drop box next to the main entrance.

“We also got some self-adhesive envelopes for the drop box,” said Finance Director Bobbie Marr via email.  “Didn’t figure people wanted to be licking them anymore than we wanted to be opening them with the fresh saliva on them. We put a bucket out by the drop box for the waste. Happily everyone has been good about using it.”

Residents will be notified in an upcoming newsletter of the date when late fees and shutoffs for non-payment resume.

Although, the city will not terminate service to people for non-payment during the shutdown, past due bills will still be issued so people applying for assistance will have past due/shut-off notices for documentation of need.

In other news, the city (in conjunction with MAC TV has made a stay home, stay safe video featuring city employees and their children. Click here to see it.

Lastly, Water Department Operator Brian Henderson has a video he’d like you to watch on what you shouldn’t be flushing down your toilets. Here’s the link to that one.


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