Maple Street reconstruction is on again after Malley Construction reverses decision to quit

By Ralph Echtinaw

Malley Construction’s decision to stop working on the Maple Street reconstruction project has been reversed, and the crew was back in action on Monday, April 20.

The decision to cease work came on Wednesday, March 25, after workers expressed concern over the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 23-2

“Their employees were concerned with the nature of the virus and the ability of it to spread,” Public Services Director Keith Risdon said. “They did not want to work on that project. They basically wanted to go home.”

Even the city is unaware of what changed to make Malley Construction want to get back to work. “It was Malley’s decision to resume work this week, so I’m not aware of what all went into it,” said City Manager Kurt Giles via email.

The $1.2 million Maple Street project comprises three blocks from State Street in the south to Hazel Street in the north. It was approved last year and entails replacement of sewer and water lines followed by new pavement, curb and gutters.

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