DPW Monthly Report (December)

This is a new feature in the St. Louis Sentinel, i.e. the publication of DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott’s monthly report to city council.

By DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott

Public works completed loose leaf pickup on schedule Dec. 1. Total quantity for this year was 99 full loads, or 2,475 cubic yards. Yard waste bags are still picked up year round on each Monday. Brush pickup was completed, and the pile was burned. Brush also is picked up on the first full week of every month. Information on pickup is provided on the city web site and in the newsletter.

Snow equipment is all in good repair and ready for use. Our salt bunk is in good shape with over 240 tons in stock and 150 tons available on late delivery. We also have the ability to request an additional 50 tons if needed under our state contract. We should be in very good shape even in the event of a severe winter.

Public works salted major streets only one evening the last week of November. The snow melted well by morning.

The cemetery and parks have been completed for the season. Winter decorations may be placed at the cemetery now, and parks have also been completed with the dock at Leppien Park pulled out of the water for this year. Public works did not hire any temps for fall clean-up this year, mostly due to the new tractor-mounted blower and also the excellent efforts of seasonal staff.

Local streets received repairs to washed out driveways that cause deterioration of the pavement edge due to erosion. We also were able to patch potholes on most local streets. I do hope to have good weather to revisit a few areas for better repairs.

Assisted the city clerk with miscellaneous tasks at city hall.

Met with Keith (Risdon, Public Services Director) and water department staff to plan water service identification work. A trial run for time study and process planning is scheduled for Dec. 10.

Public works had one employee test positive for Covid-19. Fortunately, he was absent two days prior to his positive test, and no other employees have shown symptoms. The employee isolated for 14 days and returned to work without symptoms and in good spirits, We continue to monitor steps and safe practices.

Attended a Center for Training and Technology webinar for compliance training for the Investment Reporting Tool. This is the system we use to report investments in our roads and bridges. This year’s data and project planning info has successfully been submitted.

Worked on local street estimates for Crawford Street for information ti city council. I spoke with Kerry Marsh, director at the Housing Commission, concerning possible funding opportunities. Kerry said she did not know of any but that the Housing Commission may be interested in participating in funding improvements of their property. I am providing the Housing Commission a specification for the proposed dumpster enclosure at their site.

Assisted the Electric Department in tree clean up from trimming work and a couple hazardous branch removals.

Repaired tractor No. 47 roof and safety beacon. Installed blade edges on one dump truck snow blade. Did repairs to slide in salt spreader on truck No. 63 and check over all other snow equipment.

Blowers and leaf trailers are cleaned and put away for winter. Tank equipment has been winterized.

Assisted Keith (Risdon) with projects and engineering issues.

Prepared DPW lot for winter snow piling, hauled scrap metal, moved aggregate piles and organized lean-to shed stowing equipment for winter.

Met with Michigan Chloride staff to set up brine well training for DPW staff to learn to load liquid chloride in city tank truck.

Did preliminary planning for dump truck replacement. Specifications are completed. Will seek quotes soon.

Took delivery of new wheel loader. Excellent unit. This unit is fitted with a scale and printer to accurately record loads of salt and other materials which will improve operations.

Performed all DPW office duties. Responded to resident requests. Completed reports and payable responsibilities. Worked on planning for safety training for city staff at DPW, water and wastewater plant.

Had fire extinguishers inspected at city buildings and vehicles and equipment.

Completed stonework and shrub planting behind Peters Hardware and removed broken fence and overgrown shrubs behind the doctor office.

Blew sidewalks and vacuumed gutters on Mill Street.

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