DPW monthly report (January)

By DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott

Public works performed winter maintenance on city streets and properties and also salted after a recent ice event. Salt stores are in very good supply for this point in the year with a healthy backup supply available under our state contract. I do not see any significant concerns for the remainder of the winter.

There was a complaint from a driver stuck at the cemetery during a snow event. DPW had not completed the cemetery prior to his early morning visit. The driver was able to extricate himself and was understanding of streets being priority over the cemetery.

There was another incident of vandalism at the cemetery gate area. Miscreants painted profanity on the gate pillars but DPW was able to remove it with a chemical treatment and the Vactor sewer truck’s high-pressure sprayer. Investigation was undertaken by the police department.

A local resident called to complain that there was a pile of snow blocking the walk at Gratiot and Main streets. DPW removed it with tractor #47.

DPW did winter equipment maintenance, changing two worn out snow blade edges, repaired mud flap mounts that had rusted out on dump truck #30 and miscellaneous wipers and fluids.

Continued our efforts for energy conservation, installing LED lighting in the garage area, bathroom and office.

Repaired drywall and repainted bathroom and office at DPW. Replaced stained ceiling tile in office.

Assisted with flooding incident at city hall, moving equipment, creating openings in cabinets and some clean up.

Worked on cleaning up old materials at the DPW storage lot. Scrapped old broken concrete items to the rubble pile and removed spoil dirt. Began organizing iron castings.

Held a mock heart attack incident for AED training of DPW staff. Staff performed well and reviewed proper safety protocols. Official training is scheduled later this month.

Had a contractor replace broken spring on overhead door #1 at DPW garage.

Worked on road soft software and entering data. Considered several scenarios for future street projects.

Worked on cartography reports and finding data to help with budget projections.

Worked on 2021-22 budget preparation. 

Investigated an incident of a pickup that was damaged during snow plowing. Rear bumper was damaged. Provided a report to insurance carrier and schedule for repairs.

Performed winter maintenance on Pine River Township walk on M46 (from Mill Street to Seeley Auto
Sales) per our agreement.

Provided costs and info to park board concerning changing priorities of planned projects due to a grant opportunity.

Provided costs and info to police chief for county court request of damages from car hitting power pole on River Court last September.

Trimmed low hanging branches over sidewalks, near signs, clear vision areas and others as needed throughout town.

Assisted (Public Services Director) Keith Risdon with projects and utility issues.

Performed a time study for water service identification and developed a work plan for the project.

Assisted residents on Corinth and Eden streets with sewer backup issues. Both were private lateral problems.

Worked with the schools to improve their salt loading from manual to tractor.

Practiced use of the scales and printer in new loader. Very helpful purchase for monitoring actual use of materials.

Began building a cubby hole storage unit for drawings in the DPW office.

Performed Miss Dig markings per delivered tickets.

This was Mark Abbott’s monthly report on DPW activities to the city council and can be seen in its original form on the city’s web site. Or send the Sentinel an email and a copy of the whole city council pre-meeting packet will be sent to you.

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