Water main failure on South Main at Tyrell repaired

By Ralph Echtinaw

DPW and Water Department personnel were mobilized on Friday, Jan. 29, to fix a water main break on the west side of South Main at Tyrell, and didn’t finish the job until 10 p.m.

“The water department guys requested two of my men to assist, as it was very congested underground and we wanted to save the curbing and decorative concrete if possible,” said DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott via email.

“We use our Vactor sewer truck that is made to be able to ‘Hydro-excavate’ dirt with a powerful vacuum and a water jet wand, Abbott continued. “This way we can remove dirt around pipes and wires safely without damaging them. Temperatures were quite low and it was a tedious job for the men, some of it after dark. 

“It did take some time to find all the valves that were needed to stop the flow and allow the repair. The water department men were then able to install a repair clamp and stop the leak. Back filling the hole was also time consuming as it was difficult to compact the fill around the underground utilities.”

A small section of walkway was removed, but Abbott said it will be replaced in the spring or summer.

Oddly enough, the water main break came almost exactly a year after a break on the east side of South Main at Tyrell when the high temperature was 3 degrees. It took ten hours to repair that one.

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