DPW Monthly Report (February)

By DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott

Public works provided winter maintenance on city streets, properties and walks during this month. We had a significant snow event on Jan. 26 that required hauling snow from downtown and intersection areas. The Pine River Township sidewalk was also plowed as needed. I will be ordering the balance of our salt contract shortly. Salt is within planned quantities.

We did receive three complaints concerning snow removal this month. The first was from a resident of Woodland Estates east of the city limits that took issue that there was snow on Prospect Street at 9 a.m. Snow had begun an hour or so prior, and the men had begun plowing at that time.

The second complaint was from the 400 block of South Franklin Street. The resident said that the garbage man had dumped her trash and set the can back from the roadway but then DPW had thrown snow from the road and broken the handle on her can. When asked she confirmed that the plow truck had not hit the can, only the snow. She stated that we were plowing “too deep!”

The third complaint was at 410 W. Washington. The renter at the address complained that city staff kept plowing snow into his driveway causing him to get stuck all the time. Upon review it was county road commission trucks that were the culprits.

Public works had four sanitary sewer calls as follows:

211 S. Delaware: Plug in private service lead. Owner will contact a plumber.

411 Brown: Collapsed orangeburg (old type of pipe material) privet service lead under street. Owner will arrange replacement.

405 S. Main: Connection issue in private service lead. Found possible duplex with neighboring house service lead. Planning to have joint meet with owner and DPW to televise and see if a lining repair is possible at connection to avoid digging in the trunkline. We will also try to determine if a duplex connection exists and possibility of separation.

527 Eden: Basement backup. Subsequent jetting, televising and reviewing previous CCTV and written records proved the problem to be in city main. Resident accepted the city covering the plumber’s invoice as full compensation.

Public Works and the Electric Department worked together to remove 14 hazardous trees in street right of ways and the cemetery. Numerous other trees were trimmed and dead branches removed.

DPW staff performed maintenance on doors at city hall, lubing latches, hinges and adjusting closures, handles as needed. Baseboard carpet strips were also re-installed after wall drying operations were complete.

DPW performed all Miss Dig marking request in the city and Pine River Township. Reviewed emergency ticket delivery issues with staff and sought solution with Miss Dig and 911 office.

Worked on gathering budget information and quotes.

Worked on sidewalk and sewer project contracts preparation.

Viewed sanitary sewer videos to determine conditions for project planning.

Assisted public schools with information on bond projects.

Worked on motor pool budget projections and five-year equipment purchase requests.

Provided parks and costs information to DDA manager for grant application.

Worked on planning for perimeter fence repair project at wastewater treatment plant.

Inspected progress on gazebo at the library and kept in touch with contractor. Hoping to finish by March.

Worked on erosion repair project for Main Street bridge. Hope to implement in May.

Held several tailgate safety trainings and project planning sessions with DPW staff.

Performed preliminary work for paving projects and crack sealing work, including fire department lot.

Staff received Michigan Department of Transportation commercial drivers license physicals and medical cards.

Two Public Works staff received second Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Began rehab work on DPW storage lot. Made space to store Fire Department school bus for training firemen.

Met with contractor for solid waste yard maintenance work. Burned brush pile.

Performed all correspondence and office duties for Public Works.

Received notice of needed signage improvements from MDOT railways safety inspector on State Street at Whitney Place. Will plan to make update as practical.

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