Cop Calls

Here are the highlights from the St. Louis Police Department’s complaint log for Feb. 17-19. Thanks to Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. for the following information.

Criminal sexual conduct

Allegations of criminal sexual conduct were reported to the St. Louis Police Department by Child Protective Services on Wednesday, Feb. 17. This complaint is under investigation.

Juvenile assault

A juvenile was assaulted by other juveniles on Wednesday, Feb. 17 in the 700 block of Fairway Drive. The suspects have been identified. This matter will be turned over to the Gratiot County Prosecutor’s Office once the investigation is complete.

Domestic assault 

A domestic assault was reported on Friday, Feb. 19. The complaint was turned over to the Gratiot County Prosecutor’s Office to be reviewed for criminal charges.

Traffic Crash

An 18-year-old St. Louis resident improperly backed out of an angled parking spot downtown on Friday, Feb. 19, and struck an unoccupied vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street. Minor damage was reported to the vehicles. No injuries.

Suspended license, expired plate

A 35-year-old Saginaw resident was pulled over for driving with an expired license plate on Friday, Feb. 19. During the traffic stop, it was found the driver had a suspended driver’s license. The driver was issued an appearance citation for both charges.

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