DPW monthly report (June)

By DPW Superintendent Mark Abbott

DPW performed repairs at the swimming pool. Loose tiles were removed, and surface prepped for caulking and painting. The mechanical pit was cleaned, and final painting touch ups completed. Paint is ordered and expected by June 14. Shawn Felker, Alex Velazco and Jake Oswald have done a fine job on this project.

Cemetery staff Carl Eyer and Mark Gasper did an exceptional job preparing the Cemetery for Memorial Day. There were several compliments that it was looking better than ever. I also received a very nice compliment from a local lady that walks in the Cemetery who said that Mark Gasper always tips his hat or bows as she walks by making her feel safe and very happy. I have commended both men for their excellent work.

I have been in contact with Central Asphalt concerning our pending paving work. They are paving on State Road south of Lincoln Road for the Gratiot County Road Commission and plan to arrive here to start before the end of the month. North Main from Prospect to the city limits, North Union Street from I&K Street north to the city limits, Hubbard Street from Giddings Place north to the city limits, and Whitney Place are planned to be paved. Pavement markings will follow completion of the asphalt work where needed. 

Other pavement repairs were completed for water cuts and sanitary sewer cuts on West Saginaw, East Saginaw, Euclid and Prospect streets. We also investigated a sinkhole on Woodside drive. This found settlement from excavation related to the recent expansion of Apex Marine and was repaired by their contractor. 

Street sweeping and patching work has been progressing as time allows. We were successful at getting Calvin Martyn certified as a commercial pesticide applicator. Calvin was able to complete spraying and sweeping most of the curbed streets and the downtown area. This is a great help in giving our city streets a clean look and improves our sweeping operation greatly. 

We have completed installation of the handicap parking signs downtown and several faded street signs. An order of new signs is to be shipped shortly for summer installation.

Worked with Jason Septic Company on the cleaning of our port-a-johns. We had moved them for events and police shoots. 

Marked out the 2021-22 sidewalk replacement project. We plan to replace approximately 1,350 linear feet of residential sidewalk. Seifert Concrete was the winning bidder for the 2020-21 project also and has agreed to install a pad at the DPW lot and repair flooring at the Electric Plant from two generation engine removals. 

Our mowing crew, Tommy Patterson and Ed Hoyt have been doing well keeping up with the grass at the parks, buildings, lots and right of ways. They have also been helping on miscellaneous maintenance items and trash pickup at the parks and library. 

Continued maintenance at the Wells Road lot was needed to accommodate new concrete rubble from the State Street project. More is expected soon from the Lions Park basketball court replacement and the pending sidewalk projects. 

Assisted with issues at the lift station replacement project, West State Street project and others as needed.

Worked with Public Services Director Keith Risdon on project information gathering, personnel items and estimating for planning purposes. 

Attended pre-construction meetings for projects, city Council meetings, two webinars for water and street asset management. 

Assisted the school maintenance department with information and contacts and coordination with State Street project.

Worked on Street project planning and entered project information on state reporting website.

Worked with MDOT on trunkline issues and permit information for a city resident.

Assisted Parkside Church with event in Clapp Park and sidewalk replacement needs.

Performed all DPW office duties, reports, payables, timesheets and, correspondence.

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