St. Louis invests in geese-repelling light, and it seems to be working on Mill Street

By Ralph Echtinaw

You may have noticed that fewer Canadian geese are hanging out on Mill Street of late, and that’s probably because the city invested $379 in a geese-repelling light from Away With Geese.

Mayor James Kelly noticed it, too, and said as much at the Sept. 21 city council meeting.

The amber light can be seen not far off the road next to the city’s electrical plant. It flashes periodically at night, and that disturbs the sleep of geese, who then move elsewhere to get their rest.

The flashing light was put in place not long after a Riverview Place resident complained about goose droppings through a surrogate, City Manager Kurt Giles said.

In fact, it was the Riverview Place resident who recommended the Away With Geese light to the city, even dropping off a brochure.

Kelly and Councilman Roger Collison suggested that the city get a second flashing light for Penny Park, which is loaded with goose droppings.

Giles said a second unit has been ordered, but where it will be placed is yet to be determined. “We will need to monitor the effects of placing the devices before making decisions on additional units,” Giles said.

Giles doesn’t know how long Canadian geese have made St. Louis their permanent home, but estimated it as “a very long time, perhaps decades.”

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