School district principals, directors get 4 percent raise retroactive to July 1

By Ralph Echtinaw

The St. Louis school board approved a raise in pay for principals and directors at its meeting Monday.

Carrie Knause Principal Stephanie Binder, Nikkari Principal Eugene Binder, Middle School Principal Steve Taylor, High School Principal Eric Huff, Athletic Director Bryan Anderson, Transportation Director Cliff Gamber and Maintenance Director Scott Dennison get a 4 percent raise retroactive to July 1. Their new pay range is $59,488 to $81,106 per year.

In a corresponding move, two non-union office staffers received an hourly wage increase of $1.25. Their new pay range is $17 to $21.62 per hour.

Kids Read Now

Superintendent Jennifer McKittrick announced that the district received a $13,218 grant from the Michigan Department of Education that will be used for the Kids Read Now summer reading program for K-3 students.

Additions and subtractions

Jeff Oswald was hired as student success coordinator. He will work with at-risk students in the middle school and high school. His pay will be $36,500 a year, funded by federal government grants. Oswald’s last job was running Baptist Children’s Home in St. Louis that was closed this year.

David Biehl was hired as community events coordinator and is expected to work 1,000 hours during the current school year. “He will be in charge of planning, developing and implementing community education programs for our students and community,” Superintendent Jennifer McKittrick said via email.

Meghan Smith resigned as seventh grade girls basketball coach.

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