The Rest of the Story

By Ralph Echtinaw

This is an occasional feature where the Sentinel follows up on the more serious crimes committed in St. Louis. Thanks to Police Chief Richard J. Rameriez Jr. and Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion for the information.

Child abuse/neglect

A complaint of child abuse or neglect was reported by Child Protective Services on Friday, Jan. 8. The complaint was still under investigation as of Oct. 5, 2021, but was closed due to lack of evidence by year’s end.

Criminal sexual conduct

Allegations of criminal sexual conduct were reported to the St. Louis Police Department by Child Protective Services on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021. The complaint was closed due to lack of evidence.

Domestic assault

Though originally reported as a domestic assault, this March 10, 2021, event was downgraded to disorderly conduct. A suspect was taken into custody and jailed. Minor injuries were found on the victim, but no medical treatment was required. Kushion said “we did not authorize charges.”

Domestic violence

Officers were dispatched to McDonald’s on Friday, March 19, 2021, for a domestic violence complaint. Officers made contact with a St. Louis resident in the parking lot. She told officers that she was in a physical altercation with another St. Louis resident at their residence. Officers arrested the male resident and took him to the Gratiot county jail. Kushion said the charge“was ultimately dismissed at the request of the victim who did not wish to proceed with a prosecution.”

Indecent exposure

An adult was reported to have urinated outside in the Evergreen mobile home park on March 29, 2021. The suspect was identified. Kushion issued a warrant for indecent exposure, but the suspect has yet to be picked up. “The jail has certain restrictions in place as to who they will lodge at this time,” Kushion said. “All felony cases will be lodged. All operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be lodged. All assaultive crimes will be lodged. Other cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and could be accepted for lodging if there is a public safety issue involved.”

Felonious assault

A 26-year-old St. Louis resident assaulted a 33-year-old St. Louis resident after an argument about money in the Evergreen Village trailer park on April 4, 2021. The suspect fled the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement. This complaint was sent to the Gratiot County Prosecutor’s Office seeking criminal charges against the 26-year-old. The suspect pled guilty to a Disorderly Person charge and was sentenced to 22 days in jail and 24 months probation.

Hit & Run

A 24-year-old Wheeler Township resident was rear-ended on M46 near Delaware on April 8, 2021, after stopping to wait for another vehicle to turn. The suspect vehicle was last seen turning onto North Delaware. It was described as an SUV or station wagon, tan or greenish/tan in color. The suspect vehicle was never identified. 

Parole violation, suspended license, theft, etc. 

Cody James Bantien was arrested near the corner of South Delaware and Hazel on Saturday, May 1, 2021, and lodged in the Gratiot County Jail on a parole violation. Bantien was reported to have jumped from a moving vehicle he had been driving and took off running. The vehicle came to rest in a grassy area undamaged. Bantien entered a parked vehicle without permission and created a disturbance on the roadside when a citizen attempted to help him. By the time Prosecutor Keith Kushion charged Bantien with driving on a suspended license and issued a warrant for his arrest he had been released from the Gratiot County Jail. Kushion learned in January 2022 that Bantien had been busy after the incident in St. Louis. He was sentenced in Emmett County on Dec. 14, 2021, for Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and Delivery/Manufacture of Methamphetamine. Since Bentien was already serving a minimum sentence of eight years four months, Kushion dropped the suspended license charge.

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