Varsity girls basketball falls to Bullock Creek, but JV team beats the Lancers

By Ralph Echtinaw

St. Louis girls basketball suffered a 27-41 loss to Bullock Creek at home Wednesday.

The Sharks had trouble overcoming a stifling Lancer defense in the first period and scored no points as the Bullock Creek gals managed seven.

The two teams each scored 14 points in second period, but that still left Bullock Creek with a seven-point lead at halftime.

See more pictures from the games on the Sentinel’s Facebook page.

St. Louis defense held Bullock Creek to eight points in third period. But Bullock Creek did the same, and the score was 29-22 going into the final period when the Lancers outscored the Sharks 12-7.

Coach Doug Knauf said the Sharks “had good looks in the first (period), just couldn’t make anything.” It was a “battle all night to get back into it.”

A three-point basket put the Sharks within four points of the lead (25-29), but the girls couldn’t keep the scoring streaking going.

“Then BC made a 6-0 run in the middle of the fourth,” Knauf said. “That led them to the win.”

The St. Louis JV team was more successful, beating Bullock Creek by a score of 47-28. Lucee Mikek lead the Sharks with 17 points. Lauren Devine contributed eight points. And Annie Breen had six.

Bullock Creek was lead by Lauren Borsenik with 20 points. Ella Gaffke contributed 10 points. Josie Schrot led the Sharks with 18 points.

The St. Louis varsity boys and girls teams take on Hemlock in Hemlock beginning 6 p.m. tonight.

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