Board of Review denies application to reduce golf course property assessment

By Ralph Echtinaw

Prices may rise at Hidden Oaks Golf Course this year following a failed attempt by owners Heather and Aaron Mills to have their property assessment reduced.

According to the Board of Review meeting minutes: “Assessing staff visited the course on Oct. 21, 2021, to measure buildings, which was missing from the assessment roll. Heather Mills, owner, told the staff that she was locking the gate and would not allow the staff to measure the buildings and stated her husband would contact them. Aaron Mills never contacted assessing staff. When Mr. Mills was asked about not contacting the staff, he stated that he forgot. Later he stated that he did not know why they needed to go on the property because the township assessor just drives by. Petitioners stated that their golf course is wetlands, and it should be valued at $1,000 per acre. The petitioners stated that the taxes are too high, and they will need to raise their prices. The board denied the request to lower the property value based on no proof presented by petitioners.”

The current assessed value of Hidden Oaks is $161,000. Last year the property taxes totaled $9,946. Aaron and Heather Mills have owned it since 2014.

Four other property owners appeared in person before the Board of Review in March.

The board reduced the property value of 211 E. Prospect after a March 3 appraisal was submitted by the property owner.

The owner of 1007 Michigan Avenue provided no evidence that the property was assessed too high. The board denied the request.

The owner of 110 Surrey asked that the property value be reduced because deer are frequently on the property. The board denied this request because “no supporting evidence that this is lowering their property value” was presented.

The board reduced the assessment of 512 Berea after proof was submitted that the house has been “gutted and no plumbing.” The petitioner is remodeling the house, and it will be reassessed when complete.

Disabled veteran exemptions were granted for these addresses: 417 Essex, 215 N. Delaware, 112 S. East, 422 S. Lincoln, 531 Corinth, 410 W. Tyrell, 515 W. Washington (M46), 315 N. Union, 307 S. East, 220 S. Franklin, 101 S. Clinton and 416 Butternut. Those property owners are exempt from paying property taxes but must file for the status every year.

The Board of Review consists of Mayor Tom Reed, City Councilman Bill Leonard, Mary Reed, Sue Whitford and Don Kelley.

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