Cop Calls

Here are the highlights from the St. Louis Police Department’s complaint log for June 9-19. Thanks to Police Chief Richard J. Ramereiz Jr. for the following information.

Flee & Elude

A 38-year-old St. Louis resident was arrested and jailed on Thursday, June 9, after police stopped him for speeding. A check of the person’s license showed he was not valid to drive. The driver then took off in his car against the officer’s orders. The officer followed the driver to his residence, where he parked the car and was taken into custody with minimal force. The suspect was lodged in the Gratiot County Jail and charged with fleeing and eluding and resisting and obstructing an officer. Both are felony charges.

Revoked license

A 46-year-old Edmore resident was issued an appearance ticket for driving with a revoked license after being stopped for speeding. 

Rock throwing youth scores a hit

A 33-year-old St. Louis resident was hit in the head with a rock thrown by an unknown youth on the railroad tracks between Maple Street and Michigan Avenue near State Street around 12:40 a.m. Sunday, June 12. The victim saw five youths on the railroad tracks and told them it is illegal to be on the tracks. (That’s a state law, Ramereiz said.) The juveniles yelled at the victim. The suspect threw a rock that hit the victim’s head, resulting in a contusion.  The youths were last seen running toward Maple Street.

The rock thrower was described as a large male with blond hair and a dark gray Reebok backpack. He rides a fat-tire bicycle that is black and orange in color. 

If you can identify the suspect or other persons involved, please contact Officer Greg Kolhoff at gkolhoff@stlouismi.com or call (989) 681-5285.

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