Cop Calls

Here are the highlights from the St. Louis Police Department’s complaint log for Aug. 23 to Sept. 6. Thanks to Police Officer Matt VanHall for the following information.

Stolen mini bike

A 22-year-old living in the 200 block of West Center reported the theft of a motorized mini bike on Tuesday, Aug. 23. The bike was secured with a cable lock that was cut by whoever stole it. The complaint is under investigation.

Stun gun

A 32-year-old St Louis resident was arrested for having a stun gun after being pulled over for a moving violation at Woodside Drive and Main Street on Wednesday, Aug. 24. The complaint was turned over to Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion.

Tobacco sale to a minor

Police issued a warning to Riverside Market on Michigan Avenue (Aug. 26) after the clerk sold cigarettes to an underage decoy. This was a joint operation between the Gratiot County Substance Abuse Coalition and St. Louis police where an underage decoy tries to buy cigarettes at various businesses in town. “An employee at the Riverside Market failed to verify the age of the decoy who was able to purchase tobacco products,” Officer VanHall wrote. “This was the first time this business has failed a compliance check, and the business was issued a warning and educated on the penalties that could be imposed by both the police department and the State of Michigan.”

Dog bite

A 52-year-old Lansing resident reported being bitten by a German shepherd while delivering a package to a house in the 100 block of North Watson on Friday, Aug. 26. The dog was in the yard and not on a leash. The victim received minor injuries. Medical attention was offered but declined. The dog is up to date on vaccinations and was quarantined for ten days.

Revoked license

A 40-year-old Mt. Pleasant resident was given an appearance citation for driving on a revoked driver’s license near M46 and Bankson on Wednesday, Aug. 31, following a traffic stop for an equipment violation. The complaint was turned over to Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion.

Domestic assault

Police arrested a 26-year-old resident of Evergreen Village trailer park for domestic assault on Sept. 1. The process was set in motion when the assailant’s significant other reported the assault. Minor injuries were observed by responding officers. The suspect copped to the assault and was arrested and lodged at the Gratiot County Jail. The complaint was turned over to Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion.

Animal neglect 

Police rescued a small dog on Saturday, Sept. 3, in the 500 block of Corinth. The dog had been locked inside a crate without food or water. The initial call was made by a 20-year-old neighbor who said the dog had been whining for two days. The responding officer took the dog out of the crate and walked it around the yard. The officer also gave the dog some food and water. A family member of the dog owner was contacted, and they came and got the dog. No charges were sought since it could not be proven how long the dog was left in the crate. 

Blew a red light with no driver’s license

A 36-year-old St Louis resident was issued an appearance citation after running a red light and having no driver’s license on Sunday, Sept. 4. The complaint was turned over to Gratiot County Prosecutor Keith Kushion.

Window broken

Police are looking for two individuals who threw things at a house in the 200 block of West Center after dark on Monday, Sept. 5, breaking a window. The suspects took off on foot, one wearing a blue sweatshirt, the other wearing a black sweatshirt with a skeleton graphic on it. The officer searched the area but was unable to locate the suspects. This complaint is under investigation.

Bicycles found in Penny Park

Two bicycles were found abandoned in Penny Park at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6, and taken to police headquarters for safe keeping. The complaint is open pending someone claiming the bikes. One is a women’s beach cruiser style bike and the other is a BMX style bike.

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