Girls basketball team knocks off Breckenridge, Vassar & Carrollton

By Ralph Echtinaw

St. Louis girls basketball is off to a terrific start, winning its first three games of the 2022-23 season.

The season kicked off on Tuesday, Nov. 29, as the Sharks travelled to Breckenridge to face the Huskies. 

St. Louis 45, Breckenridge 40

St. Louis was down 11-18 at halftime but came back with 16 third-quarter points to take the lead. Breckenridge played better in the fourth quarter and sent the game into overtime. The Sharks then scored 10 points to the Huskies’ 7 in overtime to win the game.

The Sharks were led by junior guard Josie Schrot (26 points) and Natalee Hoyt (12 points, 9 rebounds). Breckenridge was led by Megan Goward (13 points) and Kayla Goward (11 points).

St. Louis 36, Vassar 29

The Sharks next faced Vassar on Thursday, Dec. 1. The Vulcans started better than the Sharks with 18 first-half points to the Sharks’ 15. But the Sharks doubled their score with 15 third quarter points to create a 30-22 lead. Defense predominated the fourth quarter with the Sharks scoring 6 to the Vulcans’ 7. 

Natalee Hoyt had 8 points and 5 steals against Vassar.

The Sharks were led by Joise Schrot (18 points) and Natalee Hoyt (8 points, 5 steals). Vassar was led by Takia Thorne (10 points, 15 rebounds), Emilee Bradley (9 points, 8 rebounds), Jenna Gleeson (6 points) and Makenna McCloud (4 points).

St. Louis 52, Carrollton 39

The Sharks traveled to Carrollton High School in Saginaw Friday to face the Cavaliers.

Carrollton won the first quarter (7-3), but St. Louis dominated thereafter, outscoring the Cavaliers by 6 in the second quarter, 3 in the third quarter and 8 in the fourth quarter.

St. Louis was led by Josie Schrot (16 points) and Natalee Hoyt (11 points, 9 rebounds). Carrollton was led by Nia Baldwin (31 points).

JV game

The St. Louis junior varsity girls dominated Vassar 46-18 in an opening act for the varsity game. The Sentinel isn’t privy to game stats, but this reporter took note of sophomore Lauren Devine, who was 4-for-4 from the free throw line on her first four attempts and Emma Worthy, who attempted several bodacious steals.

Looking ahead

The Sharks (3-0) put their winning streak on the line Tuesday, Dec. 6, when they take on the Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy in Saginaw. They then have another away game Friday, Dec. 9 at Michigan Lutheran Seminary before returning home for a game against Standish-Sterling on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

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